The day Mike’s dealer failed to show up was the catalyst that forced Mike and his girlfriend, Rosie, to take the first steps on a sometimes bizarre and tragic journey.

Their addiction compels them to steal from the type of people that would stop at nothing to retrieve their treasure. Slowly the couple become progressively more entangled in a web of their own making.

The story begins in London. Rosie receives a Valentines gift, which she may later regret accepting. As a naturally shy girl, Rosie hadn’t wanted to be in a relationship with Mike. He had trapped her and now it was to late to extricate herself from the situation. However, fate intervenes and swings their fortunes back and forth like a pendulum, from love to hate and from treachery to tragedy.

May be read as a standalone.

Student artist Rosie had the perfect life living with Spencer until he is unexpectedly murdered and she is compelled to hunt for his killer. Soon the young woman realises she is at the centre of a dangerous mystery. Then another close friend is killed in strange circumstances, throwing her into a state of fear. Will she be next?

Follow Rosie’s perilous journey from the extending shadows of her London life to the brilliance of the Devon coast and into the spiritual heart of Dartmoor.

The killer watches Rosie’s every move as she struggles in a web of fear, control and tragedy. Finally, she turns to her new friends for help and together they risk everything to free themselves from the tightening grip of their enemy.

When Rosie’s dreams collide with her everyday life, she is left wondering where the truth lies, with the living or the dead. Should she listen to her ghostly guardians when they issue their WARNING or should she believe the promises of the living?

May be read as a standalone.

The boarding school was a magical place, a museum of dreams, with its perfectly manicured playing fields, the ‘chocolate bar’ courtyard and the mysterious oak wood. However, unknown to the children, the purpose built Victorian building was built on the sight of a much older Tudor Mansion, which in its foundation, held captive many secrets and shadows.

Eleanor and her friends the twins William and Leo loved the endless summer days freely roaming the grounds. They explored a timeless world of heroes, dragons and much more, living within every moment. Despite this when Eleanor discovers that her parents are going away for the summer holidays and leaving her behind in the school she begins to feel abandoned and resentful. It is on the last day of term that she decides to breach the schools weakest point in its defences, down in the ancient oak wood and runs away.

What happened to Eleanor? Where did she go? The twins desperately try to find her but instead witness the unravelling of lives not just in the present but also in the distant past.

May be read as a standalone.

Susan and Georgina are two scientists looking for signs of life on a devastated planet. What they find is a shock to them both and has the potential for causing a catastrophe on their own world. Struggling with their dilemmas they try to continue with their normal lives, unsure as to what price they will have to pay for their secrets.