After centuries of lying buried a dark and dangerous book is unearthed. It holds great powers and secrets. Now in the hands of evil, it’s voice threatens to transform time, space and human existence. A battle between the dark forces of hell and the light of heaven shake the universe.

The living book has a metamorphic effect on Emperor Oswald, the leader of the alien army on Earth and gradually he changes from a man into a demonic beast. Humankind ravaged by war and disease rapidly yield to Oswald’s fearful rule. Drawn to the new Cathedrals and religion people are forced to witness the terror inflicted on those who resist their leaders.
Nobody is prepared for the coming catastrophic events.

Isaac is enjoying the recent success of his business and is reluctant to go to war. On the day Isaac receives his call-up papers a beautiful girl walks into his electrical repair shop but a bombing raid may end his chances of a relationship. Isaac realises that his world has changed forever. Forced into hiding by the demon army, Isaac and Chloe discover the origins of evil and a possible escape from their enemies toxic grip. Armed with a powerful and much desired knowledge the couple begin to fight back against the traitor Oswald. Only able to trust a few people, they negotiate their way through the terrifying traps set up by their enemy. Ultimately, they need to decide, which is the rightful home for their secret.

Still a number one fan!
By Anthony J on 12 April 2014
I loved this book. I enjoyed the other two in the series (In the devils own words, and Reflections) immensely, but this completed the journey. And what a journey. Elizabeth takes you into worlds that are totally her own creation. I’ve said before about how her brilliant mind can take you to these places, I could feel the overwhelming darkness actually taking me over such was the writing style behind these stories. Although I use the word series, they can be read as standalones, but my opinion would be to read them back to back because there are links through all three books, just written from a different characters view. Blood borne will appeal on several levels because you have your satanic/pagan/ medieval feel on one level, to suddenly a ‘war of the worlds’ space age/other planet level, which I though was done in a very clever way. We have here a hidden gem of an author who can transport you to a whole new world and experience all the atmosphere and emotions that go with such a journey. Well done.

Blood Borne
By John Smith on 26 July 2014
Blood Borne is a thrilling read. It had me gripped from the beginning to the very last page. It is about ordinary people and how they react to devastating circumstances. The characters and places were convincing and real. I was completely drawn into the story of Earths decline. In places, the book was action packed and in others, it was deeper and more meaningful. This book is multi-layered and has something for every reader.

By M Sockel on 13 Aug. 2014
I was hooked from the start. The book flowed along at a steady, creepy pace. Then the story line exploded with one unexpected event after another. At times, I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up but Wixley cleverly ties up all the lose threads to create an amazing ending, which, was again unexpected. This book is out there but convincing and believable. I shall be reading more from this author.

Will Evil Reign!
By wilimnot on 1 Aug. 2014
A super read for dystopian lovers like me. Filled with rich characterizations and “normal” people thrust into abnormal circumstances. I love the iconic tug of war between good and evil. and the London streetscapes make for a wonderful backdrop. except for the aliens, I was reminded of WWI.

I really enjoyed this story!
By ANTHONY HULSE on 4 Aug. 2014
I love apocalyptic tales, especially ones rooted in the real world, and this one, is definitely one of the best. I felt as though I was being swept along with the unfolding drama. I’m going to start reading ‘In the Devil’s Own Words’, right now. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys things that are different.

Apocalyptic Thrill
By Hawk on 5 Oct. 2014
Wixley’s Blood Borne(Cathedral Chronicles, #1) introduces us to Isaac, Ben and Chloe, who soon after their first meeting, get caught up in the bombing campaigns that destroy Earth as we know it. As it turns out, Ben, whom Isaac introduces as his brother, has supernatural powers, which he uses to help some of the injured. Unfortunately, running out of time, he was not able to help Chloe, who had gotten injured in the raid. The story moves smoothly between the lives of the main characters as they try to exist on an apocalyptic earth, surrounded by evil aliens and the unexpected occurrences that seem to pursue the characters, as they struggle to make sense of the strange happenings around them. There are many facets to this story and the author plays it up beautifully, up to the unexpected ending. If you love apocalyptic books, then Blood Borne will have you in thrills.

Mind Blown!!
on 28 June 2016
Ok… Was not expecting this at all. A complete different style from the witch finder series. Kept me on the edge of my seat, cannot wait to jump into the next book.

This is an amazing book!
on 8 November 2014
This is an amazing book. Once you start reading this book you can’t put it done an outstanding job by the author! I strongly encourage all readers to grab this book and a cup of Hot chocolate!

An action packed read!
 on 27 July 2014
Elizabeth Wixley captures an utterly believable world engulfed in evil. If you want a thrilling read, this is it. There are many colorful characters both good and evil but the true hero of the book is a feisty young woman. The messenger from hell sent shivers down my spine. Blood borne has a depth not matched in many other apocalyptic books.

An Alien Invasion Book with a Difference
on 11 July 2014
This book was a great read. It has everything! Time travel, aliens like none I’ve seen before, romance and tragedy. It seamlessly flowed from one event to another. I couldn’t predict any of the twists and turns. The ending was completely unexpected. I plan to read many more of this authors books and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys an action-packed roller-coaster ride.