Adopted from an early age Angelica is looking for her mother. Regressed by her friend Max she is plunged into a world of murder and mystery, which belies her ordinary life.
Charlie, her son, is an addict and becomes involved with a religious cult, which forces him to re-examine the life choices he’s made.
Kane is trying to stay sober and will go to any lengths to protect the ones he loves. Poppy, forever at his side is also struggling against demons.
With humankind on the brink of annihilation, a bond is created amongst the group as they struggle to survive. The results of their journey into the unknown are completely unexpected and mean their lives will never be the same.
This book may be read as a standalone.

5* This is book 3 in this series and having read the other two previously, this is an excellent continuation which delves deeply into the good, the bad and the ugly of human nature.

Angelica is searching for her birth mother and has enlisted the help of Max, a hypnotist to aid her in discovering earlier parts of her life. She has a son, Charlie who is an addict. The addiction portion of this story allows the reader to gain entrance into an addict’s mind. The withdrawal angst that Charlie undergoes illustrates the intensity of an addict’s emotions. Angelica is one of my favorite characters as she not only understands she is enabling her son but realizes she must ‘let him’ go in order for him to live and gain his own strength. She also has a great love for animals as they are so much easier to deal with compared to people.

This is a story about life and death; good versus evil; the witch finders/government and the preparation for an upcoming battle. An interesting premise is developed concerning Eden which caught my attention. Hope in life plays an important role, as well.

A most interesting read with vivid imagery and detailed descriptions which occur throughout the novel. The reader will be taken on a tour from the UK to Florida, DC to the Luray Caverns, and into a part of New England to experience some underground activity.

All in all, the plot is well developed, characters are intense – toss in some that are self serving in nature and add Flint the Wolf Dog for some added action!

Most highly recommended.


5* The Author Cleverly Weaves her Magic Throughout

By Amazon Customer on 2 Sept. 2016

This book delves further into the personal lives of the witches and the peril they face from witch-hunters.

The author has developed characters you can care for and will have you rooting for Saffron to show a softer side to her nature and make amends with her mother, Scarlet, and for wayward Charlie to make amends with his mother, Angelica & step-father, Paul. However, bear in mind, this story is – no fairy-tale, so expect the unexpected instead.


By miss e cantrell on 23 Jun. 2016

Oh my goodness. I read this series in 4 nights. Absolutely gripping. Rediscovered my love of reading with these books. So fast paced and enthralling. Had my heart in my mouth most of the time. Cannot wait for the next book. Would highly recommend. Now off to read the rest of this authors books.

5* Great book as was the first two, really enjoy reading books by this clever author!

By lynnnanna on 22 Jun. 2016

This is the third book in this series, the first two were awesome so I was waiting with great expectations and was not disappointed. Great read would recommend to all.