Kane is a burned out soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress and comes from a dysfunctional family. His parents are divorced, his sister is missing under mysterious circumstances, and his mirror twin half-brothers are displaying disturbing behaviours.
It’s whilst drowning his sorrows that he meets a strange girl who asks him for help. Under her influence, they embark on a transformative journey together. Soon everything about Kane’s life is different. Kane knows he will have to kill their adversaries before they are all murdered.

This book may be read as a standalone.



5* This is book 3 in this series and having read the other two previously, this is an excellent continuation which delves deeply into the good, the bad and the ugly of human nature.

Angelica is searching for her birth mother and has enlisted the help of Max, a hypnotist to aid her in discovering earlier parts of her life. She has a son, Charlie who is an addict. The addiction portion of this story allows the reader to gain entrance into an addict’s mind. The withdrawal angst that Charlie undergoes illustrates the intensity of an addict’s emotions. Angelica is one of my favorite characters as she not only understands she is enabling her son but realizes she must ‘let him’ go in order for him to live and gain his own strength. She also has a great love for animals as they are so much easier to deal with compared to people.

This is a story about life and death; good versus evil; the witch finders/government and the preparation for an upcoming battle. An interesting premise is developed concerning Eden which caught my attention. Hope in life plays an important role, as well.

A most interesting read with vivid imagery and detailed descriptions which occur throughout the novel. The reader will be taken on a tour from the UK to Florida, DC to the Luray Caverns, and into a part of New England to experience some underground activity.

All in all, the plot is well developed, characters are intense – toss in some that are self serving in nature and add Flint the Wolf Dog for some added action!

Most highly recommended.

5* An Outstanding Mystery with a Twist

By Rukia the Reader on 20 Nov. 2015

This is an outstanding novel which sensitively deals with social and personal issues that can affect ex-service personnel. The story line which develops around Kane’s traumatic experience of witnessing and shouldering of the guilt for his friends death in Afghanistan smoothly opens up revealing depth of emotion and a complete understanding by the author of the issues that are involved. The characters are carefully revealed and are truly believable as are the situations and experiences that unfold. Dealing with the topical issues of PTSD and alcohol reliance whilst enticing the reader into a gripping mystery is excellently achieved and the sense of relationship that coexists as characters of Poppy and Oliver enter the plot is cleverly crafted. I have no hesitation recommending this book and I will certainly be reading more from this author.

5* Would recommend to all, exciting story will drag you in!

By lynnnanna on 20 Dec. 2015

Three separate groups are pulled together, Kane an ex-soldier suffering from PTSD and his turbulent family. The Roman Catholic Church with their set -in-stone views and a large community of Witches fighting for survival, living in caves. This well written story will draw you in and leave you wanting more.

5* We All Have A Cross To Bear – But I wouldn’t Want Kane’s

By Amazon Customer on 6 Nov. 2015

Kane, a brave young soldier becomes a shadow of his former self when he turns to alcohol to blot out the painful memories of his friends’ death, feeling that he is to blame. His self-worth sinks to such a low depth that he is not only neglectful of his own needs, but also those of his family. Thankfully, he is given the opportunity to battle his demons when he reaches out to a young girl in distress, but by doing so, he has to be prepared to accept an whole new way of life.

5* A Clever Idea

By philip shaddick on 2 Jan. 2017

I found the concept behind this story thrilling and very interesting. The book had it all mystery, adventure, characters for which I could relate and the surprising twists. The ending was a complete surprise. This series has me hooked.